Delivering propane gas to the Illinois counties of

Bond, Fayette and Effingham including the towns of

St. Elmo, Altamont, Effingham, Shumway, Beecher City, Teutopolis, Dieterich, Hord, Watson, Mason, Edgewood, Farina, St. Peter, Brownstown, Shobonier, Vandalia, Greenville, Ramsey, Cowden, Herrick and all points in between.


Winter office hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. 

The office will occasionally close at 3:00 pm.


We are very busy hauling dryer gas to farmers.  Please check your tank and order place your order before your tank gets below 20%.  This allows us plenty of time to get our trucks routed and to your tank.


PROPANE EMERGENCY: That's the easiest way to describe what is taking place right now in Iowa, and likely soon to be Illinois. Likely parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin, too.


The ONEOK and MAPL Pipelines are on allocation. The late corn planting we wrote about all summer long, relative to being one of the key ingredients to a big grain dryer year risk, has come to fruition. It's also coincided with an early frost, which locked in moisture in the corn and now we have colder than normal temperatures on top of it.


In other words, we have the 'perfect storm' set up for propane chaos, because supply cannot keep up with demand. It's the age old problem in the Midwest and that problem is logistics. You can have an ocean of propane at the supply hubs, but only so much water from the ocean can feed into a garden hose.


On top of this, trucking is at a premium...near record premiums, I would add. So what we have is chaos.


Given the forecast from that we just shared with our BAM Lite subscribers, this problem is not going away anytime soon and grain drying could extend into December for some people. The strain on the pipeline system is compounded because of the cold weather and home heating demand kicking in right alongside the grain drying.


Please call the office and speak with Nancy Mills or Brandy McCormick to find out what the current price is.

We are proud to be your propane supplier and strive to offer the best customer service we can.